Antony Benjamin is an American artist living in Miami, Florida. His large scale, hyperrealistic drawings — featuring a series of Kosher candies — highlight the brash, bold packaging colors and the relationship between the candies pictured on the outside and the actual product on the inside. Using only colored pencils (with the occasional white ink for highlights), these drawings can take 30-40 hours to complete. Working from original photo set-ups, shot with an iphone, the emphasis is on creating enough shadow and contrast that help the final drawings leap from the page. Drafting images that are far larger than the products themselves, creates a jarring, compelling visual that reminds us of the Pop art era.  While the images may appear realistic, Antony believes there should still remain an overt. painterly quality, emphasized by the visible texture of the crayons on the paper. All original drawings are done on Strathmore Bristol vellum, using Faber Castell pencils. The Giclee printing process assures the highest quality archival prints.