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Antony Benjamin

Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces

One of the toughest challenges of creating hyperrealistic candy drawings is conveying the subtle difference between elements that are covered with cellophane or plastic and those that are out in the open. Bits & Pieces, with its multi-colored fruit flavored gums and see-through opening presented such a challenge. Taking over 30 hours to complete, the nuances of each different colored piece — and the interplay of light and shadow — create the minute details that enhance the realism of the piece. Rather than attempt to create a work that is indistinguishable from a photograph, Antony emphasizes a painterly quality, with strokes of the pencil that are subtly visible while still maintaining an effect of realism.


Printed from the highest resolution scans, all prints are museum quality, using the Giclee fine art process on Epson Legacy cold press (19ml), a bright white, lightly textured, acid-free, archival paper.

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“Colored pencils have traditionally gotten a raw deal. Today, however, the vast range of available pencil colors, the vibrance of each pigment and ease of color blending has taken them out of the kindergarten and into the fine art world.”