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Antony Benjamin

Candy Corn

Candy Corn

Representing the colors of a fall harvest, Candy Corn — invented in 1888 by George Renninger of the Wunderle Candy Company — has become a candy favorite in the United States. At that time, America’s confectioners were making the multicolored, corn-shaped sweets for a mostly rural society, where candies were often shaped into natural forms, such as chestnuts, turnips or strawberries. The debate about how to eat candy corn still rages on however, as some like to start at the yellow bottom, others prefer to eat the whole thing and a minority like to nibble off the white top. Drawing a realistic version of O’Goody’s candy corn posed a particular challenge: the cellophane wrapper required a very soft touch, as the subtly different tones of gray with tints of colored reflections are particularly tricky to get right.


Printed from the highest resolution scans, all prints are museum quality, using the Giclee fine art process on Epson Legacy cold press (19ml), a bright white, lightly textured, acid-free, archival paper.

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“Colored pencils have traditionally gotten a raw deal. Today, however, the vast range of available pencil colors, the vibrance of each pigment and ease of color blending has taken them out of the kindergarten and into the fine art world.”