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Antony Benjamin



Boasting its French heritage, “Non-pareil” means “without equal,” or “like no other,” and was originally used as a term to describe the intricate decoration found on Parisian cakes and deserts. With over 40 hours of detailed, intricate drawing, these small chocolate-based candies — drawn at the larger scale of 18” x 24” — create a hyperrealistic, multicolored array that projects vibrancy in any location. Interestingly, the most complex part of the drawing was the cellophane package which requires an extremely light touch and variance of greys and soft traces of colors reflected by the miniature balls. The combination of the bright candies and the muted, clear packaging creates a unique feeling of realism.


Printed from the highest resolution scans, all prints are museum quality, using the Giclee fine art process on Epson Legacy cold press (19ml), a bright white, lightly textured, acid-free, archival paper.

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“Colored pencils have traditionally gotten a raw deal. Today, however, the vast range of available pencil colors, the vibrance of each pigment and ease of color blending has taken them out of the kindergarten and into the fine art world.”