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Antony Benjamin



Founded by Hans Riegel in 1920, the Haribo company (named after the initial letters of the founder and his hometown, Bonn: Ha-Ri-Bo) launched the first Gummy bears from a small garage in Germany. Today, over 160 million “Goldbears” are produced each day around the world. Wummies, one of the company’s kosher products has become very popular across the Jewish community. In this drawing, capturing the translucent quality of the transparent, worm-like candies took many hours. Besides creating a challenge, the candy shadows — reflecting subtle variances in color — required special focus. While the price sticker could have been removed, leaving it on gives the work a level of immediacy.


Printed from the highest resolution scans, all prints are museum quality, using the Giclee fine art process on Epson Legacy cold press (19ml), a bright white, lightly textured, acid-free, archival paper.

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“Colored pencils have traditionally gotten a raw deal. Today, however, the vast range of available pencil colors, the vibrance of each pigment and ease of color blending has taken them out of the kindergarten and into the fine art world.”